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Nontoxic antimicrobials that evade drug resistance. Nature Chemical Biology June 2015, S.A. Davis, B.M. Vincent, M.M. Endo, L. Whitesell, K. Marchillo, D.R. Andes, S. Lindquist, M.D. Burke. Rationally designed antifungal compounds that evade resistance reported by scientific founder of REVOLUTION Medicines.

Synthesis of many different types of organic small molecules using one automated process. Science March 2015, 347, 1221-1226. J. Li, S.G. Ballmer, E.P. Gillis, S. Fujii, M.J. Schmidt, A.M.E. Palazzolo, J.W. Lehmann, G.F. Morehouse, M.D. Burke. Major advances in synthetic chemistry reported by founding scientist of REVOLUTION Medicines.

Synthesis of most polyene natural product motifs using just 12 building blocks and one coupling reaction. Nature Chemistry 2014, 6, 484-491. E.M. Woerly, J. Roy & M.D. Burke. Innovative chemistry approach that can power the synthesis and redesign of many of evolution’s complex products.

Amphotericin forms an extramembranous and fungicidal sterol sponge. Nature Chemical Biology 2014, 10, 400-406. T.M. Anderson, M.C. Clay, A.G. Cioffi, K.A. Diaz, G.S. Hisao, M.D. Tuttle, A.J. Nieuwkoop, G. Comellas, N. Maryum, S. Wang, B.E. Uno, E.L. Wildeman, T. Gonen, C.M. Rienstra & M.D. Burke.
Biophysical proof of a “sterol sponge” mechanism underlying the bioactivity of amphotericin b, and further validating the differentiation of antifungal activity from adverse effects on human cells.